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Business Enterprise Centre satellite office coming to Hanover

Business Enterprise Centre satellite office coming to Hanover

On April 3 the Business Enterprise Centre (BEC) joined Grey County’s economic development department. With this transition came two new team members, Business Enterprise Manager Courtney Miller and Business Innovation Coordinator Raj Islam. Former Owen Sound Business Enterprise Centre Manager Jane Phillips has also joined the team to consult and share her years of experience.

In a Grey County media release, BEC offers support for entrepreneurs looking to start, expand or grow their business:
- free one-on-one consultations with qualified business consultants who help clients start and grow businesses;
- information about financing options and help developing a business plan;
- information about permits, licenses and government supports;
- business and professional development seminars and networking events;
- information and access to youth entrepreneurship programs;
- starter Company Plus and Summer Company programs; and
- access to resource materials and use of a computer.  

“The Business Enterprise Centre is a valuable resource for anyone in Grey County who is thinking about starting or expanding their business. I encourage entrepreneurs from all nine Grey County municipalities to tap into this resource and the many helpful programs and services offered,” said Grey County Warden Stewart Halliday.

The BEC is currently accepting applications for their Summer Company program which offers students ages 15 to 29 the opportunity to start and manage their own summer business. Successful applicants will receive a grant of up to $3,000 as well as training and mentorship from local business leaders.

The BEC is also holding workshops in Owen Sound and Hanover for anyone interested in the Starter Company Plus program. Starter Company Plus is designed to help entrepreneurs start or expand a business by providing training, mentorship and access to a micro grant of up to $5,000. More details on these programs and upcoming events and workshops can be found on the county’s website

All of the BEC’s other regular services have been moved to their temporary location at the Grey County administration building, 595 9th Avenue East in Owen Sound. Beginning on May 14, the BEC team will begin travelling to Launch Pad Youth Activity and Technology Centre in Hanover twice per month to offer their services to local businesses.

“Hanover is excited to be the first satellite location for the new Business Enterprise Centre. The Business Enterprise Centre’s commitment to being present in our community will offer new and growing businesses in the Town of Hanover and area access to tools, training and resources they need to succeed,” said Hanover Mayor Sue Paterson. “Collaborating with Launch Pad will further our opportunity to cultivate entrepreneurship with youth and adults while broadening our efforts as a regional training and skills development centre,” she added.

More satellite locations will be established around the county over time to provide more convenient support for all local entrepreneurs.

To schedule an appointment in Hanover, contact Courtney Miller at or for more information about the programs and services offered by the Business Enterprise Centre team, contact or call 519-374-9089.

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