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Bringing youth together in Dundalk on International Youth Day

Youth day after the Colour Challenge kids wearing dyed t-shirts


Above, white T-shirts are transformed following the Colour Obstacle Challenge. Photo by Alexis Kimball, YAC Social Media & Communications.

BY SOUTHGREY.CA STAFF — The International Youth Day event took place on a sunny Saturday, August 11 at the Dundalk Arena and Community Centre and Agricultural Society Fair Grounds.

South East Grey Community Health Centre partnered with the Municipality of Southgate and the Southgate Youth Action Committee for the Youth Day event.

"The Youth Action Committee organized the whole obstacle course and myself and Barbara Dobreen from Southgate kind of helped rally everything together to make sure that no pieces were left unturned," said Brianne MacDowell, outreach worker with South East Grey Community Health Centre.

There were interactive booths run by local service providers and local businesses in the morning with free food and a barbecue at noon. The Amazing Colour Challenge and obstacle course took place after lunch.

"Southgate Youth Action Committee planned this obstacle course so there's about 13 different obstacles," said MacDowell adding that participants would be taking part in teams. "They're wearing white t-shirts cause we're throwing colour powder at them at each of the stations so they are going to be nice and colourful by the time it's over. Stations like egg on a spoon, dizzy waiter, ninja crawl where they have to have their hands behind their back and try to wiggle across a wet tarp under twine and slip and slide," MacDowell explained.

outreach worker for SEGHC

Brianne MacDowell is an outreach worker at South East Grey Community Health Centre at the Markdale office. The organization serves the municipalities of Southgate, Grey Highlands, Chatsworth and West Grey.

Announcing the colour challenge

Brianne MacDowell announcing The Colour Challenge.

listening to instructions with white t-shirts

Colour Challenge participants listened carefully for instructions.

ninja crawl through water and colour dye

The ninja crawl, one of 13 activity stations.

try to knock over water bottles

Participants attempt to knock over water bottles at the Elephant Trunk Bowling station, one of the more challenging activities.

colour powder applied to t-shirts

Each station had different coloured powder to apply to participant t-shirts.

sliding on the slip and slide

The slip and slide activity was a hit. 

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