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West Grey supports affordable housing project coming to Durham

builder hammering nails on apartment project


West Grey Council added its support to a new affordable housing project coming to Durham by waiving applicable building permit fees for 11 affordable housing rental apartments. As well, Grey County Council approved a grant in lieu of development charges which represents $44,000 to the development. West Grey Mayor Christine Robinson tabled the motion at the County, opening up the conversation about the importance of diversity in housing across Grey.

“West Grey Council has heard, loud and clear, that the need for affordable housing in Grey County is a real need,” Mayor Robinson said. “On behalf of my council, we are pleased to also show our support by waiving the building permit fees for the 11 affordable units in this exciting development. Diversity in our housing stock is an important step toward West Grey’s goal of creating complete communities.” In addition to the support of the county and municipal governments, county staff will assist in securing an additional $900,000 in funding from the province’s Investment in Affordable Housing Build program.

About the project

The affordable housing project will be located on Bruce Street North in Durham and will be a 14-unit building with 11 units designated as affordable units. Rents for those units are projected to be $577 a month. The developers, Jason and Kevin Tremble own and manage seven multi-residential and commercial buildings in Durham and Hanover, all of which have been a renovation, conversion or custom-build. This project will offer apartments for seniors, those living with disabilities, and units designed for singles and couples. One unit has been designated as fully accessible, as well.

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Laura Walker commented on 10-Apr-2019 08:12 PM5 out of 5 stars
Fantastic first effort of new council. Congrats. Offer the same to Durham road west subdivision being built by father don tremble.
Mary inglis commented on 10-Apr-2019 08:26 PM3 out of 5 stars
This is great.How do we apply for an apartment.Im a 63 year old with copd.
JEAN MCGOWAN commented on 11-Apr-2019 01:51 PM3 out of 5 stars
.How and who do we apply for an apartment. Looking for a two bedroom.

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