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A letter to the Mayor of Grey Highlands: Thank you for the Armstrong Creek restoration

singer at Sidekick's Café

Your Honour, Paul McQueen,

I would like to congratulate and thank you, your Council, your staff and the people of Grey highlands for the amazing job that you have done in restoring Armstrong Creek. The 170-year-old Markdale Dam was removed last month. The fact that you were able to accomplish this, amidst all of the challenges of COVID-19 is impressive.

Last week, I visited the site of the Fish culvert that you helped install in July 2019, under Grey Road 12. The stream above the ladder was full of small trout. On an earlier visit, I was impressed to see a number of women enjoying Rotary Park (socially distanced) near the new foot bridge. The area by the old dam is now a cascading rocky stream and in the shallow pools upstream, I saw white egrets for the first time.

A highlight for me was a conversation I had with a farmer neighbour. I told him about the restoration. He said that for years, he did not even try to fish in Armstrong Creek as so much of it is on private land. This rehabilitated stretch of public water has brought new opportunities. In fact, “his boys fished the stream this summer and came home with a bag of trout.”

The rehabilitation was, very much, a community undertaking. Trout Unlimited Canada and the Rotary Club were major contributors to the success. A special thank you needs to go out to JD Daly of Sidekicks Café and his many generous guests. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, he was able to collect over $1,000 to help fund the project in a donation jar by his cash register.

Grey Highlands is a great community. Thank you!

Dave Penny


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