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Farming, weddings and COVID-19 concerns fill the latest release of In Grey Highlands This Week podcast

In Grey Highlands This Week - March 2020

BY SOUTHGREY.CA STAFF — Over the summer, The In Grey Highlands This Week (IGHTW) podcast took a hiatus, as measures to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus made safely navigating a small studio like Leaking Ambience difficult, if not next to impossible. As we move into the Fall, uncertainty about the pandemic remains but organizers are hopeful that a successful return to the microphones will be happening soon.

In September, the most recent IGHTW was released. Back in March, Grey Highlands Mayor Paul McQueen dropped by to introduce the latest In Grey Highlands This Week podcast — a tribute to farmers, the backbone of Ontario.


It's a long road from St. Patrick’s Day in 2020. But here is the tenth episode of IGHTW and a homage to our farmers. Stewart got to spend some time with Lorie Smith, Vice-President and Office Manager for Grey Agricultural Services in Markdale. Is there anything Grey Ag, the President and Exec Director Ray Robertson and their staff Patricia Ellingwood, Susan Bos, Keith Reid, and Joni Reid cannot do? We don’t think so. Ron dropped into the session to talk with Dale Merrifield at his dairy farm near Eugenia, the conversation reveals some solid truths about the operation of a dairy herd.

Stewart Halliday and Lorie Smith

Stewart Halliday has a conversation with Lorie Smith of Grey County Agricultural Services. They discuss the gamut of activities and programs at Ag Services.


Dale Merrifield

South Grey News' own intrepid reporter, Ron Barnett visits Dale Merrifield's first-generation dairy operation in Eugenia to talk about his story and the challenges faced by modern dairy farmers.


Stewart Halliday and Ron Barnett

Stewart Halliday and Ron Barnett wax poetic about COVID-19, the toilet paper panic and alternatives.


Jessica Verner

In Studio A, Geoff Bowes talks to his guest, Jessica Verner about the ongoing transformation of her recently-purchased church building in Maxwell into a beautiful wedding venue to give couples that unique rural Grey Highlands experience.




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