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Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound candidates give their answers to some timely questions as posed by South Grey News

Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound candidates give their answers to some timely questions

BY SOUTHGREY.CA STAFF — By now, you may be familiar with the many candidates vying for a local seat in the next federal parliament. Canada's election day is only two weeks away but advance polls will open this weekend. Early birds can vote at their assigned polling station from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm on any day between Friday, October 11 and Monday, October 14. To find your advance polling station, check your voter information card or use the voter information service.

But whether you are voting early or waiting until October 21, you may still be looking for more information to help with your decision or simply want to confirm your choice. Recently, South Grey News asked each of the candidates six timely questions that are on the minds of Canadians during this campaign period. Each of the candidates have accepted the challenge and today, we are publishing their answers.

Our Questions

1. Climate change is on everyone’s mind these days. Floods, fires and extreme weather have become serious problems as Canada warms more than twice as fast as the rest of the world. How will your party stem this phenomenon, encourage lower carbon emissions, and provide support to affected Canadians for property loss due to catastrophic weather events? 

2. Many young Canadians have given up on the dream of owning their own home. They struggle to survive at low-paying jobs, yet the unemployment rate has reached record low levels. What will you do to incentivize businesses to hire more employees and/or help the people of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound find employment, earn a decent wage and keep the dream of owning their own home alive? 

3. Given the political scandals and divisive rhetoric of the past few years, how can you reassure Bruce-Grey- Owen Sound voters that you and your party can be trusted to give good governance and repair widening political divisions? 

4. Substance abuse and the opioid crisis have plagued this country and creeped into our own region over the last few years. Accessing long term care for our growing seniors population is also in crisis. What will you do to tackle these and other health care concerns in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound? 

5. Canadian farms are fewer and larger and employing less people than ever before. In fact, over the last 20 years, Ontario has lost 25,000 farms with small and mid-size family-owned farms hit hardest. Young adults are also leaving their rural surroundings for better prospects in urban centres. What is your stance on corporate ownership? How can we encourage succession for family-owned farms and/or persuade young people to choose a rural-based career in the trades? 

6. Why should the people of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound choose you to be their member of parliament?

Please take some time to read each of their responses. Your Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound candidates took time out of their busy schedules to provide you with this information, so have at it!

Click on each name for their answers.

Michael Den Tandt, Liberal Party of Canada
Dan Little, Libertarian Party of Canada
Alex Ruff, Conservative Party of Canada
Chris Stephen, NDP Party of Canada
Bill Townsend, People's Party of Canada
Danielle Valiquette, Green Party of Canada

At South Grey News, we endeavour to bring you truthful up-to-date local community news in a quick and easy-to-digest format that’s free of political bias. We believe this service is more important today than ever before, as social media has given rise to misinformation, largely unchecked by big corporations who put profits ahead of their responsibilities.

South Grey News does not have the resources of a big corporation. We are a small, locally owned-and-operated organization. Research, analysis and physical attendance at public meetings and community events requires considerable effort. But contributions from readers and advertisers, however big or small, go a long way to helping us deliver positive, open and honest journalism for this community.

Please consider supporting South Grey News with a modest donation and let us know that our efforts are appreciated. Thank you.

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