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At 12 years the Flesherton Fling is still going strong.

Flesherton fling community event

Above: The costume parade makes it's way through the village of Flesherton.

BY SOUTHGREY.CA STAFF — The 12th annual Flesherton Fling took place throughout the community August 12 with 2018 marking the second year that some of the Fling events were held at Memorial Park beside South Grey Museum.

Children and adults tried on colourful outfits and accessories in a create your own costume area with the parade taking place on the village sidewalks along Highway 10.

There was a silent auction in the park, a Saints and Sinners tent with a variety of local beers and ciders to taste, a Split Rail Artists display, local food vendors, a temperance tea tent and music.

Spoken word performances took place inside the South Grey Museum. In town, local businesses participated in a treasure hunt, giveaways and contests.

At the Flesherton & District Farmers’ Market a celebration of National Dog Day was taking place with free samples and a scavenger hunt. Visitors were also invited to bring their dogs to the market with gourmet hot dog sale proceeds going to the Cedar Hills Pet Sanctuary in Durham. Ice cream treats donated by Chapman’s Ice Cream in Markdale were sold by volunteers at the market to raise money for Chapman House Residential Hospice of Grey Bruce.

The Kinsmen hosted August Fest at the Kinplex in the afternoon and evening with a roast beef dinner and entertainment featuring Dave and Brayden Kell, James and Ian Dunbar, and the RiversTown Band. The event was well attended with much of the activity moving indoors during the rainy weather that plagued much of the day and the silent auction proved very successful, raising funds for the community.


Face painting in preparation for the costume parade August 27 at the Flesherton Fling. 

Colourfully costumed paraders walked the sidewalk in Flesherton.

split rail artists at the fling

Split Rail Artists members Sue Grant, Cindy Cover, Susan Pratt, Sharon Jackson and Dianne Dean standing in front of their display.

silent auction at the flesherton fling

A silent auction tent with items up for bid was available at the annual community event.

saints and sinners tent

Saints and Sinners tent was a popular spot with various locally brewed beers and ciders to sample.

drummers at flesherton fling

Drummers entertained at the Memorial Park.

little white dog at the flesherton farmers market

A canine visitor to National Dog Day celebrations at the Flesherton & District Farmers' Market.

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