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Fall Photo Contest Entries

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All the new entries we've received to date will be posted below.

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Voting will begin on October 28, 2019.

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1. Lori Whibbs2. Jenn Morgan3. Sandra Donald4. Jim Dawson
5. Jim Dawson6. Jenn Morgan7. Joanne Horner8. Hugh Lawford
9. Lori Whibbs10. Jenn Morgan11. Christine McCardell12. Amy Thompson
13. Amy Thompson14. Amy Thompson15. Jodi Holden16. Gwen Turner
17. Steve Plener18. Lauren Stefaniuk19. Sandra Donald20. Jill Rashotte
21. Jill Rashotte22. Jess Macneill23. Sandra Donald24. Sandra Donald
25. John Donald26. Robin Currie27. Joanne Horner28. Tara Young
29. Ursula Burkhardt30. Sayoko Obata31. Sayoko Obata32. Hugh Lawford
33. Andrea Edwards34. Andrea Edwards35. Tracy Key36. Marg Russell
37. Marg Russell38. Marg Russell39. Marg Russell40. Marg Russell
41. Valerie Fleming42. Valerie Fleming43. Valerie Fleming44. Valerie Fleming
45. Valerie Fleming46. Carla King47. Carla King48. Carla King
49. Michelle Taylor50. Jessica Goodwin51. Linda McCreary52. Cheryl Gibbons
53. Hugh Lawford54. Hugh Lawford55. Sandy Watson56. Sandy Watson
57. Sandy Watson58. Sandy Watson59. Sandy Watson60. Louise Watson
61. Bruce Graham62. Sharon Sinclair63. Dimitri Haritun64. Dimitri Haritun
65. Sharon Sinclair66. Sharon Sinclair67. Sharon Sinclair68. Sharon Sinclair
69. Jenn Morgan70. Teddi Jones71. Dimitri Haritun72. Dimitri Haritun
73. Kendra Mcmillan74. Jacqueline Manser75. Jacqueline Manser76. Jacqueline Manser
77. Andrea Edwards78. Andrea Edwards79. Andrea Edwards80. Kendra Mcmillan
81. Jacqueline Manser82. Jacqueline Manser83. Kendra Mcmillan84. Kendra Mcmillan

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