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experience grey highlands 

8. Love Nature

Nature lovers will find paradise in Grey Highlands. Become one with the great outdoors, starting with these ideas to connect with the earth, water and sky.

Beaver Valley

There’s no limit to the ways you can enjoy Beaver Valley, from kayaking and canoeing on the Beaver River to hiking and showshoeing its shores. You might even want to bring a drone to get a bird’s eye view. From flora to fauna, the Beaver Valley has something for everyone.


Bruce Trail flowers 

Bloodroot on the Bruce Trail. Photo: Barbara Pearn. 


Duncan Escarpment Provincial Nature Reserve

The continual freeze-thaw process over thousands of years has caused large blocks of rock to chip away from the main face of the Niagara Escarpment. The result is a dramatic series of crevice caves and the unique vegetation that it supports. You’ll be struck by the dramatic change in temperate as you hike down into the crevices – so much so that you might want to dress in layers. One term for this area: rugged.


ATVing is a wonderful way to reach areas you might not otherwise get to, as well as just plain fun. Fortunately for ATVers, Grey Highlands is very ATV friendly, with riding permitting on most roads and on numerous trails. For an up-to-date map of local ATV routes, visit the Dufferin Grey ATV Club’s map page, at

Eugenia Falls

The jewel of Eugenia Falls Conservation Area, Eugenia Falls crashes down 30m to pound the surface below and carve out the Cuckoo Valley Gorge. Visitors are visually jolted by the layers of rocks, exposed tree roots, and sparkling waters. Just a gentle reminder: concrete barriers provide safety while viewing the gorge and signs are there to keep you from wandering off the trails and into dangerous situations.

Hogg's Falls

Hogg's Falls 

Hogg's Fall's. Photo: Barbara Pearn. 


It’ll be the sound that alerts you that you’re near these falls, long before you see them. Brilliant shades of green foliage create a wall that attempts to keep the low but thundering falls a secret. A brief walk from the parking lot takes you close up to this 7m tall beauty; be prepared in case things are slippery.


The diversity of habitats in Grey Highlands, from forests to swamps to bush to farmland, makes this area a welcoming host to many beautiful birds and determined bird lovers discovering unique opportunities to view them. Come visit the Osprey nest on the Flesherton Causeway for a chance to see its majestic resident. Scan the waters for loons, herons and mallards. Enjoy a hike that surrounds you in birdsong and lets you catch a glimpse or maybe even a photo of a feathered friend. Common and rarer species abound throughout the seasons.

Osprey Wetlands

The Osprey Wetlands span 6,500 acres. This unique area features an esker, harkening back to glacial days, and mixed hardwood forests, providing a diverse habitat for wildlife. You’ll best enjoy it in winter, by snowshoe.


Old Baldy lookout 

The view high atop the Bruce Trail near Old Baldy lookout. Photo: Barbara Pearn.

Rock Climbing

If rock climbing is for you, then check out Old Baldy near Kimberley and Metcalfe Rock in the Kolapore Uplands, both of which allow responsible climbing. A small parking fee will apply to climbers at Old Baldy, who will be rewarded with stunning west-facing views of the Beaver Valley below.

Get connected with your natural self

With so many ways to enjoy nature in Grey Highlands, you’d better start your list today.

experience grey highlands
experience grey highlands
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