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Fall Photo Contest Entries

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Entries for 2020

All the entries we received are posted below. To view larger, see the entire image and who entered the photo, click on an image and scroll through.

We want to thank everyone who submitted photos.

1. Shawna Cox2. Ingrid Gouveia3. Alex Cook4. Nicole Herber
5. Cory Haggar6. Esther Kelly7. Kim Caswell8. Doug Harrison
9. Joyce Eagles10. Shawna Cox11. Gillian Griffin12. Nigel Eves
13. Barbara Dobreen14. Teddi Jones15. Bailey Trudgeon16. Bailey Trudgeon
17. Deb Currie18. Bailey Trudgeon19. Teddi Jones20. Lauren Ripley
21. Katie Batstone22. Karen Milloy23. Patricia Ellingwood24. Patricia Ellingwood
25. Patricia Ellingwood26. Teddi Jones27. Sarah Nichols28. Margaret Torry
29. Margaret Torry30. Megan Bevis31. Claire Wettlaufer32. Katy Bell
33. Sue Townsend34. Christine Sedore35. Megan Bevis36. Karen Holt
37. Keldon  Hiltz38. Keldon Hiltz39. Keldon Hiltz40. Karen Holt
41. Pam Burgess42. Lacey Klages43. Christine Sedore44. Amanda Kornack
45. Stephanie Warner46. Susan Morris47. Susan Morris48. Susan Morris
49. Connie Gibson50. Alex Cook51. Tanya Thompson52. Lauren Ripley
53. Lauren Ripley54. Tyler Pringle55. Meg Hallman56. Lori Whibbs
57. Pam Burgess58. Joe Ricci59. Joe Ricci60. Joe Ricci
61. Jenn Morgan62. Jenn Morgan63. Sonya Niziolek64. Sonya Niziolek
65. Sonya Niziolek66. Jenn Morgan67. Jennifer edwards68. Jennifer Edwards
69. Laura Blaney70. Nicole Herber71. Nicole Herber72. Ben Gray
73. Sandra Donald74. Scott Vance75. Lisa Hopkins76. Lisa Hopkins
77. Lisa Hopkins78. Lacey Klages79. Lacey Klages80. Esther Kelly
81. Sue-Townsend82. Sharon Sinclair83. Ingrid Remkins84. Ingrid Remkins
85. Dana Kieffer86. Esther Kelly87. Alison Wyatt88. Alison Wyatt
89. Alison Wyatt90. Sue Townsend91. Lori Adams92. Sandra Donald
93. Sandra Donald94. Sasha Stefanov95. Sasha Stefanov96. Sasha Stefanov
97 Carolyn Mills98. Laurie Zimmerman Hopf99. Denisa Stancikova100. Denisa Stancikova
101. Denisa Stancikova

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